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Acron Group is a leading vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and in the world. Its wide range of products includes complex and nitrogen fertilisers, as well as industrial products. In 2014, it sold 6.3 mn t of various products

High vertical integration – three large chemical production facilities, own phosphate mining operations, a project to develop a potash deposit, own transport infrastructure and international distribution network – provides a platform for dynamic development.

Acron Group continuously expands its production capacity, develops distribution opportunities and diversifies its product portfolio. In 2014, both nitrogen fertiliser UAN and apatite concentrate production capacity increased to 1 mtpa. North-Western Phosphorous Company (NWPC), a member of Acron Group, produced its first 1 mn t of apatite concentrate.

Acron Group

  • Leading vertically integrated NPK producer in Russia, among the top five in the world by NPK capacity.
  • The Group produces approximately 13% of nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers in Russia.
  • The Group owns two chemical production facilities and a mine in Russia and a chemical plant in China, with aggregate capacity of over 6.3 mn t of end product.
  • Potash projects with total recoverable resources of 0.5 bn t of KCl.
  • Three Baltic Sea transshipment port terminals.
  • Extensive distribution network in Russia and China, wholly owned trading companies.
  • The Group’s shares and global depository receipts are listed on MICEX and LSE.
  • Over 15,000 employees in six countries.
Acron Group’s vertically integrated business model is based on an efficient chain of connected business segments – mining, production, logistics and distribution – to deliver business efficiency and competitive advantages.

Our Business


39% Share in Group’s Assets The Group is establishing an independent phosphate and potash raw material base by developing new deposits in Russia and Canada. Since 2013, Acron Group’s subsidiary NWPC has provided all phosphate inputs to the Group’s Russian production facilities. It also sells apatite concentrate to third parties. In 2014, NWPC reached apatite concentrate production capacity of 1 mtpa and supplied 180,000 t to third parties.


38% Share in Group’s Three large facilities produce a wide variety of nitrogen and complex fertilisers, with ammonia production as the cornerstone.


4% Share in Group’s The Group owns three Baltic Sea port terminals with total transshipment capacity of 5 mtpa for multiple types of cargo and a fleet of 2,200 railroad cars and tanks.


4% Share in Group’s The Group has two distribution networks in Russia and China and two international trading companies in Switzerland and the United States, with sales in 66 countries.


15% Share in Group’s Large liquid stakes in two companies, Uralkali (Russia) and Grupa Azoty (Poland), form a component of the Group’s shareholder value.

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