AS DBT, AS BCT and Andrex Sea Port Terminals

The Group owns three port terminals on the Baltic Sea that ship most of the Group’s export cargo. AS DBT (Muuga, Estonia) and Andrex (Kaliningrad, Russia) transship bulk cargoes, while AS BCT (Sillamäe, Estonia) transships liquid fertilisers and ammonia.

Operating Results

In 2014, the Group’s port terminals transshipped a total of 2.9 mn t, down 2% year-on-year. The Group’s own cargo share was 86%, against 69% in 2013.

The decrease in cargo turnover was due to a decrease in transshipment of bulk cargo for other producers at AS DBT (down 507,000 t, or 74%) and Andrex (down 2,700 t, or 90%) terminals. This decrease to some extent was offset by greater transshipment (267,000 t or 23% more) of bulk cargo produced by Acron Group in the reporting period. Ammonia and liquid fertiliser UAN transshipment at AS DBT increased 191,000 t (18%) to a record high of 1.282 mtpa. This was due to higher output of UAN at Acron’s Veliky Novgorod facility. Transshipment of third-party cargo at AS DBT did not change.

In the reporting year, AS DBT grappled the new and old interdome flooring to ensure cargo safety and the structural integrity of the space between domed warehouses.

Rail Fleet

In 2014, Acron Group’s Russian companies moved a total of 6.1 mn t of rail cargo. Acron-Trans, the Group’s logistics arm, provides rail transportation of commodities and end products to port terminals and customers in Russia and the CIS for the Group’s Russian companies. Acron-Trans operates over 2,200 railcars and tanks owned by the Group, as well as leased rolling stock of approximately 1,500 railcars.

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