Occupational and Industrial Safety

Acron Group’s main goal in industrial safety is to implement preventive measures to ensure the continuous and safe operation of its facilities and reduce workplace accidents, injuries and occupational illness.

The Group’s facilities operate under an industrial safety policy developed in accordance with the Federal Law on Industrial Safety at Hazardous Production Facilities. This policy focuses on maintaining an effective system for reducing production risks and promoting a culture of workplace safety.


Facility Accident frequency index (Fi) for 1,000 employees Accidents severity index (Si) Number of occupational illnesses
Acron 1.06 (+0.3 to 2013 figures) 30.5 (86 in 2013) not recorded
Dorogobuzh 1.4 (0 in 2013) 20.0 (0 in 2013) not recorded
Hongri Acron not recorded –– not recorded
NWPC 6.2 (+4.03 to 2013 figures) 51.4 (98.5 in 2013) not recorded
VPC not recorded –– not recorded

Standards developed based on an analysis of accident causes have been implemented at the Group’s Russian production facilities and are binding for all facility employees, contractors and visitors. The following measures protect employee life and health and ensure safe working conditions at the facilities:

  • Certification of equipment to ensure employee safety during all processes; certification of feedstock and materials
  • Special assessment of labour conditions
  • Industrial and occupational safety trainings, instructions and examinations
  • Use of protective clothing, protective shoes and other personal protective equipment
  • Mandatory regular medical examinations for employees
  • Open disclosure of information on occupational and industrial safety and environmental protection
  • Ensuring that all buildings, structures, facilities and construction and industrial sites comply with current Russian law

By taking active steps to increase industrial safety level and reduce production accidents, the Group has successfully reduced the number of injuries at its facilities.

The increase in accident frequency at Acron (Veliky Novgorod) was caused by a reduction in personnel. NWPC and Dorogobuzh took remedial actions following the increase in the number of accidents.

In 2014, Acron, Dorogobuzh, Hongri Acron, NWPC and VPC invested RUB 577.8 mn in occupational safety measures.

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