Social Responsibility

Over the years Acron Group has become a force for social and economic development in its footprint regions by increasing the local standard of living.

Acron, Dorogobuzh, Hongri Acron and VPC cooperate with local authorities and invest in infrastructure improvements for healthcare, education and cultural facilities and municipal events. NWPC is also strongly engaged in the social and economic development and improvement of Kirovsk and Koashva settlement under an agreement with the Kirovsk municipal administration. The Group’s companies provide targeted assistance to local residents.

In the reporting year, Acron organised its annual marathon, Novgorodskiye Versty, and the Acron Cup tournament. More than 4,000 athletes attended these events.

Acron participates in the Rozhdestvenskiy Podarok (Christmas Gift) annual charity marathon. In 2014, the marathon raised RUB 2.1 mn for the social support foundation Sohrani Zhizhn (Save Life).

In 2014, the Group invested a total of RUB 79.2 mn in social and economic development in its footprint regions.

My Annual Report

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